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A non-government organisation for the promotion and popularisation of science.  It was established on 5th September 1976 and its registration no. is 26489 of 1979 under Manipur Society Registration Act.


Dr. H. Nandiram Sharma

The Science Teachers’ Forum, Manipur has been standing upright on a firm footing for promotion of science education & scientific knowledge, protection of environment, safeguarding the people in general and learning community in particular since the very inception in the year 1976.

Right from the first half of the 1980s each member of the organisation has been sharing, with a pledge,  in awareness campaign for environment with special reference to conservation of inland water and reconstruction of degraded forest.
Since the very inception of National Childrens’ Science Congress in 1993, the STFM, at the capacity of being an executive member, has been helping the school going children throughout the state to undertake investigating works on nature.
This very organisation is open to each and every individual having interest in the movement for the aforesaid causes.

It is hoped, the STFM will remain active as before and so forever.



  • ANCIENT WHALES: The ancestors of today's gentle giants of the ocean were equipped with the razor-sharp teeth of a fearsome predator and could have hunted seals and penguins, rather than the tiny krill they eat today, scientists say.

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